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At 03:32 AM 5/5/2006, Dan Tilque wrote:
>Katrina Allis wrote:
> > Caz said that the very strength of their character is why the
> > Provincara,
> > Ista, and Iselle were unsuitable for the task of freeing
> > Chalion from the
> > Golden General's death curse, because their souls were like a
> > sword,
>I'm fairly sure he never said this about Ista. Iselle and the
>Provincara, yes. And at the time, he was just making the point
>that they couldn't be saints or communicate directly with a god.
>He didn't say anything about them being unable to free Chalion
>from the curse since he didn't know that it would take a saint to
>do so.

Cazaril to Ista, p. 441, first edition:

"It was not a matter of--that's not the reason," protested 
Cazaril.  "Well, it is but it isn't.  It has to do with the shape of 
your soul, not its worthiness.  You have to make a cup of yourself, 
to receive that pouring out.  You are a sword.  You were always a 
sword.  Like your mother and your daughter, too--steel spines run in 
the women of your family. I realize now what I never saw saints, 
before.  The world does not crash upon their wills like waves upon a 
rock, or part around them like the wake of a ship.  Instead they are 
supple, and swim through the world as silently as fishes."

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