[LMB] Rian's gift to Miles? (A bit of a spoiler relating to Cetaganda)

Lucie Tuan lucie at tuan.com
Sat May 6 02:52:52 BST 2006

I was re-reading Cetaganda, and this question came upon me.
If it has been asked before, I apologize. Couldn't find the answer in FAQ:(

In Cetaganda, Maz explained that the haut have many little rituals that
govern their love/sexual life. Some are very weird, and they are all very

So there was Rian, giving Miles a long, long lock of her hair. I would think
that since Cetagandans are so concerned about their genome, giving out a
part of their physical tissue that contains their genes would be a serious
and intense ritual. I can definitely see this little piece fit within one of
Cetagandan's mating rituals. Since Miles is an outsider and she a haut-lady
of haut-ladies (and probably already know that she's the next empress by
then), there could never be anything between her and Miles, and she would
know that, yet she still chose to enact this ritualistic action. THEN
promised that Miles would see that there is no danger of her forgetting him,
which in my reading, plainly screamed: prelude!!

So...my question is: is this plot finally followed through somewhere down
the lines? I apologize if this has been answered in Diplomatic Immunity, my
book hasn't arrived yet, but I'm dying to find out!!

If, on the other hand, this has never been played out....Can I cast my vote
on a new Vorkosigan novel that would explore this part of Miles' love
life???? After all, this seemed to be the most ambiguous woman in Miles'
life...and a potential setup of a highly angsty storyline for Miles......

Though I do love "all's well that ends well" endings, I can't help but
confess to enjoy watching Miles rediscover himself again and again through
these highly emotional situations.

Looking forward to thoughts, information, etc. etc. etc...*curtsy*

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