[LMB] OT: Seasonal Greetings

Peter H. Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Mon May 8 16:21:19 BST 2006

At 09:08 AM 5/8/2006, Paula Lieberman wrote:
>Is that more repulsive to consider than a "pizza frappe" [pizza milkshake,
>to those who don't know what a frappe is...]?  I have SEEN pizza frappes,
>and seen TWO people eat (or attempt to eat...) them.

Where I'm from, a frappe contained no milk (one made it with ice 
cream, syrup, and charged water)--as opposed to a milk shake, which 
did use milk.  Being near the factory (Horlick's), most of the ones I 
made as a teen-aged soda jerk, were malts.  I favored double 
chocolate, myself (chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, and chocolate 
syrup).  [Why yes, officer, I am 140 lbs overweight, why do you ask?]

Regards, Pete
pgranzeau at cox.net 

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