[LMB] re Stereotypes was DOS Attack, Iraq Style... OT:

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Tue May 9 21:45:45 BST 2006

J Selin wrote:
> > Personally, I'm more disturbed by Disney's
> > ugly=evil/evil=ugly, beauty=good/good=beauty, 
> > young=hero, old=villian setup than I am
> > about hair color.  A few bad women are beautiful
> > but name me one good one who's ugly.

> But is it fair to slam Disney for that?  It's a
> meme that hardly started with them -- IIRC, 
> that comes straight from many of the original 
> fairy tales.

Personally, I'd rather look at attractive people than
ugly ones. I just don't always agree with Hollywood
about what's attractive.  The people I consider
attractive aren't necessarily what you would consider
attractive, and a lot of it's based on how the
personality shows through anyway. 

But in cartooning, you can't rely on subtleties.

This pattern didn't begin with Disney and won't end
with him.  Nor do I think it should.

Besides, there are many good old people in Disney.
They just aren't the protagonists.  Again, this isn't
just an attribute of Disney stories.


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