[LMB] Attolia Gratitude

Ian W. Riddell iwriddell at gmail.com
Wed May 10 03:20:43 BST 2006

Not much to say right now, except for deep gratitude for the Megan Whalen
Turner recommendation. I'm devouring "The King of Attolia" right now and am
going to have deep trouble not grabbing "The Thief" again when I'm finished!

While I loved the Gen first-person in the first book, I'm enjoying getting
to know Costis' mind in this book. It reminds me, oddly, of Khaavren in
Brust's Phoenix Guard books. Oddly, because the writing style is very
different, but Khaavren is, for some reason, popping into my head.

And I'm in the blissful position of having no idea whatsoever what's going
to happen next - other than the fact that the plot will twist several times
before it's all done!



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