[LMB] OT: New Engladn flood

B. Ross Ashley redlion at sff.net
Wed May 17 15:39:30 BST 2006

On Tue, 16 May 2006 18:18:00 -0400, "Paula Lieberman" <paal at gis.net>

> One thing about New England is that it is not flat, and that the weather
> one place, can be quite different from three miles away.  Peabody and
> Andover and some places in New Hampshire got drenched.  A sewer main in
> Haverhill is out, and raw sewage is pouring into the Merrimack River. 
> Parts of Lowell and Peabody are flooded.  Other places, are high a
> relatively dry... it depends on location, location, location.
I must also report that I don't think there's any damage up on the Canadian side of the line ... we here in Toronto are on the western edge of the storm system, and although we've had a bit of rain, there's no flooding. Can't speak for anybody East of us, although this morning on the radar I see a belt of medium-to-heavy rain south of Ottawa stretching between here and Burlington VT.

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