[LMB] Birthday

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Thu May 18 22:02:32 BST 2006

[When the curtains rise, the stage is empty. There is a faint yellowish 
glow visible from behind the left-side curtains. Suddenly, the glow 
brightens; there is a *FOOMP* and it suddenly goes out. One of the 
small winged humanoids rockets across the stage, shrieking thinly and 
trailing a wisp of smoke. It vanishes beyond the curtains on the right 
side. After a moment, the stout fellow emerges from the left. His face is 
smudged with soot.]

Heh. Sorry, folks. One of my little assistants got, um, overexcited about 
the candles for today's cake. [He peers off to the right.] He'll be okay.

Today's honoree is none other than Pete Granzeau. Navy vet, lo-o-ong 
time computer buff (although the rumor about the pizza formatter 
appears to be untrue), and connoisseur of all the various things we call 
"pie" in this country (well, the edible ones at least), Pete has also been 
doing yeoman service in the Hallowed Hunt discussion. (This *is* the 
Bujold list, after all, obscure though that fact occasionally seems to be!)

Pete, may your day be one of many, with all the comforts and joys life 
can bring; thank you for what you bring to the list, and may it long 

Ladies and gentlemen: Pete Granzeau!

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