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Thanks! I would have bleached today's "nasty" load except that it included a 
pair of black cotton underwear which is going up pn Freecycle as Too Big For 



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>At 01:05 PM 5/20/2006, PAT MATHEWS wrote:
>>A lot of the frugal living advisors and the energy saving advisors suggest 
>>washing your laundry - all of it - in warm or even cold water.  I consider 
>>the nature of soiled underwear and cleaning rags and shudder. Isn't this 
>>unsanitary? Or do they use disposables?
>>Pat, doing what I've done for 60 years
>Not only the bio-hazard issues, but grease doesn't stay dissolved in cold 
>water very well, and my brother finally lost use of the sewer line from the 
>garage apartment here on the property when years of washing his greasy/oily 
>mechanic's uniforms, greasy clothes, washable firefighting gear in cold 
>water finally accumulated to the point flow through the sewer lines below 
>his (then) house slowed to a trickle and put a stop to anything that used 
>more water than simply flushing the toilet/loo/john.
>And, a handy hint from someone who had greasy food service clothes that got 
>to smelling of rancid grease.  To get the funky rancid smell out, wash in 
>hot water with an adequate amount of detergent for ten minutes or so, set 
>the timer back to the beginning of the wash, and then add a very healthy 
>amount of chlorine bleach that's been severely diluted before you *very* 
>slowly trickle it into the washer.  With these precautions you can use this 
>on black clothes without color loss or spotting.  My black and grey, woven, 
>polyester and polyester/cotton uniform pants and skirts had this done to 
>them about once a month for years.  Chlorox bleach is preferred because 
>some of the other bleaches I tried this with had additives that will not 
>rinse clear of the fabric.
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