[LMB] Re: HH ch 16

Nicholas Rosen ndrosen at erols.com
Fri May 26 04:28:13 BST 2006

Harimad wrote:

H> Wencel is heartily tired of his continuous existence.  What would
H> happen if he let the other personality win?  He might even be able to
H> groom his heir.  Although the curse would still perpetrate through
H> time, the burden would be distributed.  Rather like the spirit
H> animals: the freeing of one so burdened requires that another become
H> so.

An interesting point, but my guess is that he can't.  Wencel
is so much more than an ordinary person, with such accumulated
weight, that he can't "let" the other personality win, any more than
you can let your dog beat you at chess.  Even if his existence has
become a weariness and a misery, he most likely can't give it up,
just as you can't will yourself to stop breathing.

Besides, even if he managed to lose, and someone else became
the dominant personality, the original Earl Horseriver would still
be along, together with all the other souls absorbed over the
centuries.  He wouldn't achieve oblivion.

Nicholas D. Rosen

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