[LMB] HH chapter 17

Mervi Hamalainen Mervi.Hamalainen at uta.fi
Fri May 26 23:34:15 BST 2006

> From: Elizabeth Holden <azurite at rogers.com>

> Ingrey's loyalty to Hetwar still seems half-hearted,
> and I am still not sure why.  A habit of trusting no
> one?  He seems to trust Ijada now; I guess that's
> progress.

I thought that he's very loyal to Hetwar because he goes to him  
beforen telling anything to Ijada. On the other hand, Ingrey doesn't  
trust Hetwar. That's either wise because Hetwar is a politican first  
and foremost or stupid because now Ingrey is doing lots of things  
behind Hetwar's back and powerful men resent that.


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