[LMB] Birthday

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Sun May 28 02:57:17 BST 2006

[The more-than-slightly burned-out stout fellow scurries onto the stage.]

The final birthday of the month is upon us (and, indeed, very nearly 
slipped us by). Today is the birthday of Carol Gray-Ricci, one of our 
more senior listies (in more senses than one). Carol has, in the past 
year, been winning that fight with weight that so many of us [he sighs] 
find ourselves embroiled in; may her success rub off on some of the 
rest of us, and may she continue to triumph in this and any other way 
she chooses. Carol, I think the list assembled will join me in wishing 
you the most joyful of birthdays and a peaceful and prosperous year to 

Ladies and gentlemen: Carol Gray-Ricci!

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