[LMB] OT: eclectic mix.

Countryboy countryboy66 at mchsi.com
Sun May 28 14:55:28 BST 2006

That reminds me that I want to listen to the race today.  When I was in the 
Boy Scouts, we would set up seating for the parade, watch it, and then put 
up the seating and police the area.

Countryboy - who finally turned on the air conditioning last night.

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> OK, what do Gene Simmons, Lance Armstrong, Jim Nabors,  Florence 
> Henderson, Rachel Ray, Danica Patrick, Rainbow Fish, assorted Muppets and 
> Curious George have in common?
> Ans.  They were in the 500 festival parade today.
> I hereby declare summer to have arrived in the Midwest.
> Kevin
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