[LMB] fantasy movie casting

Mark Allums mallums at tyler.net
Sun Oct 1 07:59:13 BST 2006

Margaret Rosen wrote:
> I am a new member (just joined today) and wondered if there was already a
> thread for dream casting if they ever made a Vorkosigan movie?  [...] the
> cover pose somehow struck me as very Miles.

Nooooooooo!  Not the casting thread again!

*Runs screaming*

Seriously, hello!  Glad you could join us.  List consensus has cast 
Miles, if the actor weren't a bit old for the part:  Oh khrappe, I'm 
having senior moments at 40, somebody help me, what's his *name*?  I 
want to say Peter Wimsey, and I *know* that's not right.  Darn it, it's 
on the tip of my tongue.  Grrrrr...

--Mark Allums

(too lazy to check the archives)

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