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Richard Macdonald don_iain at verizon.net
Sun Oct 1 22:35:45 BST 2006

Helen Fenton wrote:
> Richard Macdonald wrote:
> > If the time Miles briefed Ellie (I can't remember right now)
> > was as she went off on her mission, Miles had not been to
> > Ceteganda yet. Remember the Terrance-Cee order was generated
> > by Rian while Miles was there and Ellie was already off on her
> > mission.
> >
> > Of course there is already the "Author had a better idea"
> > in a later book causing an apparent inconsistency.
> >
> I agree with Richard - Rian did give the order when Miles was with her
> -  but I'm not sure if Ellie had already been dispatched on her mission
> or if she was sent off after Miles returned from his  Cetaganda junket.

Per "Cetaganda" the comconsole call notified Haut Rian that
"We have succeeded in tracking the lost L-X-10-Terran-C to
 Jackson's Hole." I am rusty on Ethan of Allen and need to
see how this jives with its timeline.
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