[LMB] OT: Need advice on replacing a Palm/PDA

Nancy L. Barber nlbarber at mac.com
Tue Oct 3 14:45:26 BST 2006

(I'm asking this on the Bujold list and on piffle--apologies
for those who see it twice. Maybe on LJ, too...three times!
Our three weapons are....)

My sister-in-law needs a new PDA, and as neither of us has
looked at what's out there recently we're hoping someone
can offer advice.   Her current model is a Palm Zire 72.  She
needs mostly the organizer functions (calendar, address book),
an easy to read screen, and it must run some games.  ("Mom,
can I play on your Palm?")  She keeps a few ebooks around,
but that's not a priority.  She doesn't need a phone, camera, or
Internet capability on it.

Any suggestions for current models like this? Reliability
is a plus--it will lead a hard life.

     Nancy Barber

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