[LMB] The Birthday Tixie

mckeownb at optusnet.com.au mckeownb at optusnet.com.au
Wed Oct 4 13:19:11 BST 2006

The Antipodean Deputy Birthday Tixue arrives in the ether with her faithful escort of small dog and even smaller dog.
They stagger a little under the weight of the tixie dust they are carrying. But at least it is not raining although
we desperately need the rain. 
Today is the fourth of October and we have three birthdays to celebrate.

The first on the list is Raye Johnson, she is celebrrating her 31st birthday. Raye from one side of Brisbane 
to the other I hope that you have a very happy birthday (or had as I am typing this in the evening. 
I think you are being very sensible celebrating over the whole week as it were.
I hope that there will be even more drinks, good food and celebrations to come. At least it was wonderful
weather for a birthday.Have you opened the wine? Or is it waiting until the weekend?

The next we have to wish happy birthday to is Stacey (Bluerose). Stacey, I hope that today has been wonderful for you.
Has your ARC arrived by any chance? If not I also hope that today has been a good day with lots of cuddles
from Dante and good company and presents and cake. My escort are ignoring the fact that you are a cat lover 
and have said they will forgive you that imperfection. 

Our third birthday girl is Sue Wartell who celebrates her 56th birthday today. Sue, I hope you are enjoying a
wonderful day in Columbus Ohio and that your present kitty is giving you lots of cuddles. Again my escort
say that they will forgive you for liking cats although even smaller dog would like everyone to know that he
has been terrorised all day by number 2 cat who has been stalking him everywhere and he didn't do anything. 
Again to you my best wishes and I hope that you will have a wonderful day with presents and cakes.

Both small dogs pirouette to send the Tixie Dust streaming off in three directions.

As they leave the ADBT can be heard telling her escort that if the postman comes early tomorrow there
is no need to bark as he is eagerly awaited with the copy of The Sharing knife which was due in the shops
here Monday or Tuesday

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