[LMB] A terrifying idea I just had...*snicker*

Raye Johnsen raye_j at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 5 00:19:01 BST 2006

--- David McMillan <skyefire at skyefire.org> wrote:

> Eric Oppen wrote:

> > "Auditor Vorkosigan, I have decided to give you a
> subordinate to help 
> > you. Meet...Inspector Sledge Hammer!"
> > And as their eyes met, Miles and Sledge both knew
> that this was the 
> > beginnning of a beautiful friendship...
> 	Of course, mere death is no obstacle to snarky
> commentary.
> 	"THIS... is a man... who TALKS... to his PLASMA
> ARC!!!"  (I just don't 
> see Sledge using anything lighter, do you?)

"Well then, he should fit in just fine at Vorkosigan
House.  They already have a homicidal maniac, a Betan
Amazon, that fat clone who already owns half of
Vorbarra Sultana, the machine who used to run Impsec,
the manic Auditor and that psycho assassin cat."

"Do you think it's fair, sir?"

"I believe Inspector Hammer likes cats.  They'll be
just fine."


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