[LMB] OT: Need advice on replacing a Palm/PDA

Philip Johnson ptj at melesmeles.demon.co.uk
Fri Oct 6 13:36:03 BST 2006

James wrote:
> My Tungsten X works fine with my 2GB SD card, and my card reader
> recognizes 2GB cards just fine. I'm running Windows 2000, but never
> had a problem. It's probably your card reader - mine's a $20 one that
> supports most formats out there, so maybe it's time to upgrade?

My reader is a little gizmo that looks like a rather flattened plastic 
thumb drive. The SD car goes in one end and the USB connector at the 
other goes into the computer. Effectively, the computer reads the card 
directly, and sees it as a removable drive.

Phil the Badger
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