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> I just got told by the school psychiatrist that my
> son likely has ADD.  He's 
> eight years old, and until now he was informally
> diagnosed by friends and 
> relatives as, having a complete inability to sit
> still.  now it's official.

It's *not* official until two or more doctors agree. 
I'd immediately book an appointment with another,
unrelated pediatric psychologist.  If that doctor
agrees, *then* it's official.

> i would prefer not to apply drugs if not absolutely
> needed.  i don't know if 
> he actually has ADD or if this is the
> diagnosis-du-jour.
> has anyone been in this situation before?  i don't
> even know what questions 
> to ask, or where to get more info.

The first thing I'd do would be, google ADD.  What
comes up is:
<http://www.add.org/> - the Attention Deficit Disorder
Association Homepage
<http://add.about.com/> - a list of articles and
contacts relating to ADD and its manifestations
<http://www.nimh.nih.gov/publicat/adhd.cfm> - the
American National Institute of Mentle Health's
information paper on ADD

... plus lots of others, but those are the top three
and they look like good resources.  I'd start there.

I have seen shows on TV and read articles that suggest
many behavioural disorders have a dietary component. 
I'd make an appointment with an immunologist and get
your son tested for every allergy you and the doctor
can think of, from cereals to dairy to fish to
chemicals.  I've heard of allergies to gluten and
dairy presenting as autistic symptoms, so don't
neglect anything that crosses your mind.

Studies have shown that increasing the amount of fish
oils children consume leads to marked improvement in
their mental wellbeing.  Rather than just dosing your
child with fish oil capsules, the studies I've read
suggest that increasing the amount of fresh fish in
the diet is better, because there are dietary benefits
to eating fish beyond the oils it contains.

Your first priority is talking to your own doctor
about this, and making sure your son actually *does*
have ADD, before anything else.


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