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At 04:14 PM 10/5/2006, H R Stockert wrote:
>One thing to check for seriously is an allergic sensitivity to 
>foods in the child's diet.  Often a cereal reaction.   Not 
>always present, but in enough cases that it's worth the cost of 
>additional testing.

May I *strongly* second this suggestion.  From what I know *now* 
these factors are probably at the root of the childhood obesity 
that is still haunting me 50 years after I started eating cereal 
as an infant.  After a year of throwing up formula constantly, I 
started eating solid foods, they thought I was just fine, and I 
became the essentially-invisible, low-priority child that was 
constantly abused (school was Hell) because I was fat (being 
nerdy, and a bookaholic once I was out of primary school, didn't 
help either).

In retrospect, I'm allergic to wheat, and/or I've had some 
degree of celiac disease all my life.  We didn't really start 
looking at this stuff until after I picked up multiple allergies 
and sensitivities as an adult that require me to live on heavy 
doses of antihistamines/anti-leukotrines (when I can afford 
them) to have a semi-normal life.

It's severely frustrating to find out that all the abuse I've 
taken because of my morbid obesity {and the eating disorder from 
being put on dextroamphetamine and thyroid hormone as a child to 
force me to lose weight} could have been avoided by realizing I 
had chronic allergies.  With an ultra-low-fat, 
high-complex-carbohydrate vegetarian diet that has the problem 
grains stripped out, I've almost effortlessly lost around 
seventy-five to a hundred pounds so far, and for the first time 
in my life I'm sure I'm going to lose the next hundred, too.  I 
will be down to a normal weight for the first time since I was a 
year old.

I hope your child does not have hidden allergies driving his 
symptoms, but if they are, you now know to look for them and do 
something before it has a negative effect on the rest of his life.

Good Luck

Pat in North Carolina

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