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From: "Azalais Aranxta" <tiamat at tsoft.com>
> On Fri, 6 Oct 2006, Marna Nightingale wrote:
>> ADHD meds are STIMULANTS. You'd have to be fairly deranged to keep on
>> feeding them to a pile of unruly kids who did not need them in the hopes
>> that it would make them EASIER to manage.
> I second everything that Marna said.  If your child does not have
> ADD or ADHD, stimulants will make him worse, not better.
so if he doesn't need them, we'll likely know immediately

> In my case, this was enough black tea to wire most people for
> sound, every day starting at about 7 AM until I go to sleep at
> night.  It doesn't prevent me from sleeping.  Why?  Because I
> have ADD, and I am calmer with it than without it.  Caffeine is a
> stimulant.
speaking of alternate responses to drugs - caffine puts me to sleep - 
literally.  there was coffee in the honey cake i ate recently, and within 
two hours ofe eatting it, i fell asleep - for five hours.  that's five hours 
i could have used :(
who knew there is coffee in honey cake?

> So, I'm in favour of *trying* the drugs.  If they do not work,
> and they do not help, then discontinue them.  If they do work, he
> probably needs them.  If they don't work, you'll be able to tell;
> they'll make matters worse.
> Because ADD/ADHD kids do self-medicate, starting as early as they
> can get their hands on stimulants, legally or not.  And you want
> to prevent that before your kid is drinking 10 cups of coffee a
> day, smoking cigarettes or doing coke.
> ~malfoy
*sigh*  there are so many newspaper articles about children who were 
medicated to make them 'good kids' and never really needed it... i suppose 
that people who take ritalin etc. and really need it don't write long, 
horrified articles, and neither do their relieved parents.

ziviya, hoping to number among the relieved parents.

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