[LMB] Immortality for some?

Rowena morgaine at zonnet.nl
Tue Oct 10 16:02:23 BST 2006

Kalina Varbanova wrote:
>> I do not understand people who are bored.
> Neither do I. There is so much to do, read, learn, see, live... what's
> to be bored with?
I'v known a form of absolute boredom. Siting still and all life and 
activities drained off al meaning, all people drained of love. The 
nearest hapenings are thoughts of pain, of loss and sadness and of 
death. Death and dying and tohe possibillity of it gets an unbelievable 
prominent place in one's mind. Every car that passes is an opportunity, 
every breath you inhale, you might not exhale, every drop you drink you 
might not and slowly go. (But my body stays in charge so far and 
prevents these things).

I would not dare take upon me the task of going trough life without at 
least the possibillity that I can end it. An eternal depression I 
couldn't bare.

And beside, I think, I hazard a guess that we would all get bore. Maybe 
not after 1000 years, or 10000 or 100000 or a miljon or hunderd miljon 
but after that, surely, some pangs of boredom must crop up?


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