[LMB] Barrayaran Biochem

Jo'Asia joasia at fandom.art.pl
Wed Oct 11 23:38:18 BST 2006

My comconsole brought me this letter from Mitch Miller:

MM> Are you sure about Illyan?  IIRC, Illyan didn't get his biochip until
MM> he became ImpSec chief, which happened after Negri was killed during the
MM> Pretendership. 

Nope, Illyan has the chip installed on Ezar Vorbarra's order (or did
Ezar asked for volounteers...?), who fancied to have a "recorder with
legs" (quote from memory). Illyan has been assigned to Aral during the
Escobar Invasion because of it - he would be able to report back to
Ezar (and Negri) *everything* he saw and heard there.


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