[LMB] OT Re: That grin should be illegal/Dr. Who/ Bothari

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Thu Oct 12 04:10:28 BST 2006

--- Tracy MacShane <trix at queerscience.net> wrote:

> I find myself getting quite curmudgeonly about the
> Doctors. Eccleston is the best Doctor since 
> Tom Baker, 

Some day I'll have to make a point of seeing Tom
Baker.  I find myself resistant, due to past bad
experiences, but also curious, since he has such avid

> but I'm afraid I found Tennant irritating
> in the *extreme*, with his hyperactive gurning
> (sorry, "emotional delivery"). I was initially of 
> the school "Yay, better eyecandy", but that
> initial goodwill well and truly faded.

Eye candy doesn't impress me. (Okay, you can all stop
laughing now.  Really. I'm serious.)  Prettiness was
never a point in Tennant's favour. Nor was his
comparative youth. I like 'em old and craggy.  Well,
um, I mean, *interesting* looking.

But Tennant won me over in no time at all. I think I
liked the gurning. And the mercurial temperament.  And
having never seen Doctor Who before, at least not any
more than I could help it, I couldn't judge it in
comparison to anyone else except Eccleston.

And when I saw Tennant first I'd only seen one
Eccleston episode ('Rose') so didn't have much to
compare there, either.

Eccleston is brilliant.  Tennant is adorable.  I
prefer Eccelston, but I love both.

> While I thought the series reasonably entertaining
> (with the exception of
> the stuuuupid devil episodes), 

What, The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit? I loved
those!  There were a few episodes I didn't like as
much as others but those weren't the ones.

> I was only grabbed by two eps - one of them
> because Helen Griffin acted everyone else off the
> screen, 

You had to make me look her up to find out who she
was. You fiend. Oh - she was Mrs Moore in The Rise of
the Cybermen and The Age of Steel.  Yes, she was
terrific. (But so were some of the other actors.)

> and the other
> the very last, where Billie Piper acted everyone
> else off the screen 

Yes. Assuming you mean Doomsday.

> (and
> we hardly had to put up with DT at all).

Ah, but what there was, was cherce.
> I'm looking forward to Torchwood as well. *fingers
> twitching over the bittorrent*

Eeeeeeeeee!  (that was me dying melodramatically  of
impatience and anticipation)


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