[LMB] OT: Walking to school

Rowena morgaine at zonnet.nl
Fri Oct 13 18:34:12 BST 2006

In Amsterdam walking or cycling to school is quite normal, both 
elementary school as high school. Remember  a drivers license can only 
be obtained by 18year olds or older. So there is not the same car 
culture amongst youngster like in the US. Parking space in Amsterdam is 
hugely expensive, if you'd want you car parked somewhere in the city 
during the day it can cost up to 4,40 euro an hour.
Also, many spots are hard  to reach by car.  Nevertheless, suburbs will 
undoubtedly know a lot of  schools where there are more parents who 
drive their kids to school. But I cannot imagine any school where they 
look down on you for cycling or walking your kids to school.

As for kids playing out of their parents reach. In my part of town there 
are loads and loads of kids playing. All day.  I must admit I do think 
they are let outside a bit to much, seeing a 6 year old and a 3 year old 
playing 10 o'clock at nigh for example.... Yes, I live in a poor area, 
very small houses, majority of the people are either of a Moroccan or 
Turkish background. BTW, there is a wealthier (and whiter) area near by 
and you see the same amount of children playing outside, only less late 
and not the very little ones.

I was just this week reminiscent with my mother, about how my sister and 
me were sent out to buy a newspaper at the kiosk around the corner. We 
bought a newspaper and got a bit extra money for sweets. It was next to 
a very busy street, we were 5 and 3 years old. No problems. (26 years ago).


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