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Jo'Asia joasia at fandom.art.pl
Fri Oct 13 21:38:23 BST 2006

My comconsole brought me this letter from Elizabeth Holden:

EH> --- Jo'Asia <joasia at fandom.art.pl> wrote:

>> And I'm trying to fit Peter Woodward somewhere... By
>> has brown hair, right?

EH> Any time I've seen him, he's had no hair at all. But
EH> that isn't necessarily relevant....

I was just wondering if I have seen him in any other version except "no
hair" and "light hair" (Patriot, Sense and Sensibility - the 1981
BBC version, photo only). But a quick google found this:

Just imagine By speaking with Peter's voice...

EH> How do you pick my favourite men?  I love that
EH> thought.

He just popped out and asked "Could I be in your movie, please?" ;)


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