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On 10/19/06, Marna Nightingale <marna at marna.ca> wrote:
> SKY Kaufman-Young wrote:
> I seem faintly to recall encountering somewhere (somewhere fairly
> respectable, but I completely forget) recently the remark that we're now
> all descended from Charlemagne; IOW, that after so many generations the
> chances for a given person to end up (officially or informally) as one's
> ancestor have been so numerous that it's more likely than not.

I have heard the same said about Ghengis Khan, who apparently fathered over
800 children!

Actually, studies of mitochondrial DNA in Ashkenazic Jews do suggest that
the vast majority have a common tail-female ancestor (mother's mother's
mother's.... and mitochondrial DNA is passed only through the female.)  This
makes sense, since a baby is considered Jewish as long as its mother is
Jewish, and there have not been a huge number of converts to Judaism over
the centuries (the rabbis discourage conversion, in fact...)

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