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Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Mon Oct 23 04:47:54 BST 2006

I speak standard Oregonian American, with some slight variations (some 
foreign phrases slip in, since I treat all languages as a truncated subset 
of Everything I've Picked Up) and some Arkansas stylisms from my mother's 
side.  However, I am around a strong accent of _any_ kind, I tend to pick it 
up within about a half hour. Dad's a mimic, too--he was fishing on the shore 
of Lake Okanagon while standing by a Scotsman, and in very little time he 
was burrin' away like mad. Didn't even know he was doing it, actually, until 
the Scotsman became angry about it--he thought Dad was making fun of him. 
Some written styles are 'dialects' too, at least to my ear--the Ozark 
Trilogy by Elgin, for instance, or the Hellflower books by eluki bes shahar. 
I am absolutely delighted by the actor playing Puddleglum in the BBC radio 
version of _The Silver Chair_, for instance. But to me (and probably to Dad) 
sound has physical texture and occasionally, taste, so it's easy for the 
Ipod in my head to reproduce things (I'm playing the Robert Mitchum version 
of "Thunder Road" in my head right now). I can mimic some singers fairly 
well, except for the _really_ high notes when I try to do Julie Andrews. So 
if I were ever placed in a setting where there were a lot of different 
really strong accents, I think I'd feel like a chameleon placed on plaid.

Jean Lamb, tlambs1138 at charter.net
"Research is hard. Torturing heroes is fun."--Mary Jo Putney

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