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Accent: what every other region but mine has.

Accent (definition 2): Anything that doesn't sound like the guys on TV.

Pat from Nuevo Mexico, where English, Spanish, and Spanglish are routinely 
mangled every day.

"Habeas Corpus Is Sooooo 1215"

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>On 10/22/06, Sylvus Tarn <sylvus at rejiquar.com> wrote:
>>How can you not have an accent and still be a human speaker?  Seriously.
>Grow up in Southern California.  Seriously.  People come from all over the
>place to live there, so all the various accents get blended together, and 
>you're born and raised there, you end up with a neutral way of talking.
>It's also more susceptible to picking up regional terms and accents if one
>goes somewhere else.  (e.g. I picked up "Y'all" and a slower way of 
>when I lived in Missouri, and now that I'm in New England, I've picked up
>"wicked" as a modifier.)  I picked up nothing at all while in college in
>Oregon, but that's mostly because urban Oregon doesn't have much of an
>accent, either.
>(of course, Valley Girls are an exception, as are their counterparts Surfer
>Dudes.  But these folks don't have accents as much as they have temporary
>affectations of speech.)
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