[LMB] That grin should be illegal OT:

Victoria L'Ecuyer vlecuyer at ksu.edu
Wed Oct 25 17:08:38 BST 2006

From: Marna Nightingale <marna at marna.ca>

The Midwestern US still takes some adjusting to, though. You have to 
chat a lot. You have to chat and chat. You have to chat until your 
chatter is all bent and sprained and turning blue. And Widdy's right, 
they are LOVELY people, it's not BAD but my GOD do you have to CHAT.

I guess this would be the cue to step up and provide an example of what Marna's talking about. I had a three hour conversation with two total strangers in a parking lot. 

All I did was admire the woman's handcarved cane in passing. Or what I thought was "in passing". By the end of the three hours, I managed to get their life histories. This included the fact that the wife had been housebound for six months while her legs and hips healed after she fell off her second story roof and landed on the concrete patio. (she carved the cane with razor blades while she was immobilized.) It was her first trip anywhere that wasn't a hospital. I kept expecting the husband, a semi-retired cop, to bring the conversation to a close and chivvy us along. Instead, he just stood there and occasionally tossed in a comment that kept the conversation going. In retrospect, I think he was taking shameless advantage of me. From their comments, he provided most of her care while she was laid up, and that was a woman who could talk the leg off a dog.

They were a lovely couple, and I never saw them again. 


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