[LMB] A find!

Countryboy countryboy66 at mchsi.com
Fri Oct 27 22:25:32 BST 2006

I still have my original copies of that.  I also have the issues with 
herself's other serialized stories.  It was reading her stories in Analog 
that made me start buying her books.

Actually I have a nearly complete collection from 1972 to current.  And I'm 
paid ahead until 2011 on my subscription.

Countryboy - who is living where it is rainy, cold, and depressing

>I was at Pandemonium Books in Central Square, Cambridge, MA tonight, and
> found -- on the freebie pile! -- the July 1991 issue of Analog, which has
> Part I of _Barrayar_ in it.  WOW!!!!

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