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Tora K. Smulders-Srinivasan wrote:
>  /
/>/ I'm very horrible at finding good quotes from anything even if I've
/>/ got the book.  My mind just doesn't work that way.
/>/ So, anyone whose mind works that way have any good quotes from The
/>/ Sharing Knife: Beguilement?
I have no idea what the constraints are for text on LJ icons but here is

"So yet again, one more time anew, we will buy the death of this malice
with one of our own"

The discussion of why it stuck in my mind belongs in a more spoiler
friendly location...



*** Ack, argh!

The Bujold list surely should not be the one place on the whole internet 
where one can't talk about the new Bujold book.

The spoiler policy here is very well-intentioned, but I swear it has 
become downright blighting.  C'mon, all you bright folks, can't you all 
think of some better way of going about this?

frustrated eavesdropper, L.

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