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Victoria L'Ecuyer vlecuyer at ksu.edu
Wed Sep 13 15:55:53 BST 2006

Tora K. Smulders-Srinivasan wrote:

>>  /
/>/ So, anyone whose mind works that way have any good quotes from The
/>/ Sharing Knife: Beguilement?

*Agnes Charrel-Berthillier*
"So yet again, one more time anew, we will buy the death of this malice
with one of our own"

The discussion of why it stuck in my mind belongs in a more spoiler
friendly location...

From: Lois McMaster Bujold
*** Ack, argh!

The Bujold list surely should not be the one place on the whole internet 
where one can't talk about the new Bujold book.



I second Lois. I like spoilers. In fact I miss spoilers. Spoilers do for me what advertising does for others. (after all, it is a word-of-mouth way of spreading interest.)[1] It can be annoying to put in leading and trailing spoiler spaces. However, you really only have to do the "type letter, press enter, repeat 20 times" once and then copy and paste the result at the end of the e-mail. (unless your James, that is, and put in snippets of poetry.)  

In fact, Agnes, just in case your being coy..... *meep* Spoiler? Please? *meep* (cue picket lines with large, pasteboard signs) We want spoilers! We want spoilers! We want spoilers!



[1] There are some things I've read because the spoilers posted to this list caught my interest better than the blurbs. Plus, there are some people who reading preferences don't match mine. So I don't take their recommendations seriously. If they drag out the book or start spoiling the plot/story in other ways and what they share sounds interesting, I change my mind. 

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