[LMB] HH Discussion Confusion

Helen Hancox lmb at hancox.org.uk
Thu Sep 14 07:34:27 BST 2006

Kalina said: "That's the reason I don't mind spoilers in the least. Unless
it's a summary of the book, the subtle twists are not relevant until you
reach a point of the book where they... spoil the anticipation. So spoilers
don't affect me by spoiling until I'm actually reading the book, except, if
I think some things nice, to heighten the anticipation. And when I start
reading the book... the HH experience makes me believe I am not likely to be
reading e-mails until I finish it :)"

I now have to admit, with even more embarrassment/shame, that I don't always
understand the HH discussion now I have read it! I think it's probably the
sort of book you need to mull over for some time before fully getting to
grips with it, and I read it VERY quickly and read The Sharing Knife
straight afterwards and that rather overwrote it in my mind. Another slow
reading sometime soon is called for.

Auntie Helen

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