[LMB] Introduction

Mark Allums mallums at tyler.net
Mon Sep 18 01:03:01 BST 2006

Sarah Bixler wrote:
> I am going to take my cue from a couple of other new members of the 
list and introduce myself.  I am a student at Case Western Reserve
University, and I am proud to say that LMB is my favorite author.
I became addicted after reading Mountains of Mourning in middle school.
I have been following posts for about the past week, and am very excited
to read more conversations in the future, and hopefully contribute a bit.
(I wasn't sure if this would be considered off topic, so forgive me if 
it is.)
> Sarah

Hi Sarah, Welcome.  There are archives to read also; many a fine 
discussion can be found therein.  And there are the list FAQs, which are 
recommended reading.  (I expect if you found this list, you probably 
already know about them.)  Looking forward to hearing more from you,

--Mark Allums

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