[LMB] Ot: was potter free list: now book-swamping

Rachel Ganz rachel at compromise.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Aug 1 00:00:27 BST 2007

 But swamped has the lovely connotation of continuing to sink.  And that it
 will get harder and harder to move since you
 will be sucked in by something as you pass by.
 Rather than change the word, it is probably better for you to distract
 yourself from the flooding around you by reading more :-).
 Beth, recently caught up in an Heyer undertow, which required me to read
 sideways for miles before I could escape

But books are a life-raft, to which I cling. I am rapidly binding my Heyers together with a twist of Emma Bull, Kate Fox, and an emergency lifebelt of the New York Review of Books (having cast HP overboard as ballast). Sadly I fear that I will be swamped in the rising flood waters before the pirate ship which I see on the horizon, sporting a flag of convenience, will spot the signal whipped together from a couple of Dostoevsky noves and a Bergman poster (bows in resect) and rescue me.


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