[LMB] Ot: was potter free list: now book-swamping

Rachel Ganz rachel at compromise.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Aug 1 17:28:01 BST 2007

 > > Thinking about the image - can you be swamped with books?
 Is this a regional difference in usage, or am I witnessing a joke?  I'd talk about being swamped
 with work (usually), swamped with memories, swamped with Christmas cards - no sense of wetness to
 it at all. Don't Americans talk about being swamped unless they're talking about swamps?
It's a joke. Having spent last week in a field of mud (closely resembling a swamp) I was pondering why all the verbs that are commonly used to describe an over-sufficiency of something had damp roots.

Even avalanches have a frozen water association. So I considered whether I could produce from my reasonably well-stocked word cupboard something that implied an arid sufficiency. But all the dry words seem to imply that you don't have enough of something.


Brevity, clarity and cups of tea

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