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Since the thread is turning to fluff as I write. The main poster here is 
Virgil Saari from "west of the Mesabi Range"

["4T Unity or just Minnesota Nice?
Originally Posted by Acton Ellis View Post
As a student at the U of M, I guess I should try to start a discussion about 
this. As most of you know, one of the most important bridges in the state, 
the I 35W bridge over the Mississippi River collapsed during rush hour, 
apparently without warning. This will be an interesting test of the nation's 
ability to deny that the government is broken. Minnesota is a relatively 
high tax state, full of pragmatic people who have come to expect a high 
level of performance from their government. I really can't think of another 
state where this would be more shocking. There may be talk about the gas tax 
passed by the Dems and vetoed by the GOP gov. The two parties have been in a 
stalemate for years about how to fix the transportation budget and the 
governor, Pawlenty, is rumored to have vetoed the gas tax due to his 
aspirations for higher office. Will this be at least a part of the cascade? 
>From what I saw on ABC, BBC, CBS and NBC, the people all acted admirably 
after the I-35W bridge collapse. It was completed when I began my 
institutionalization at the U of M.

The local people, the accident vicitims themselves, the emergency workers 
(fire, police, medical), the pols (Mpls. Mayor Ryback-DFL, Gov. Pawlenty-R, 
Sen. Coleman-RINO, Rep. Ellison-DFLIslam) all worked together very well.

The coverage was A- on the BBC, B+ on ABC, B- on NBC, and C-/D+ on CBS. WCCO 
has really gone down the crapper in the quality of its coverage. I don't get 
FOX so I don't know how Newscorp handled the bridge collapse. But, from what 
I saw it was Minnesota Nice at its unsmug best on the part of nearly all in 
a difficult situation. There was little of the cargo-culting victimology or 
the photo-op grandstanding that 3T disasters usually present.

The blame game will ensue (I35 has been used by Progressives to end the 
careers of their opponents in Swift-Boatian manner since my youth- it is in 
their genetic makeup by now.) but when the trouble came rescue and sadly 
recovery was at hand."]


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