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Thu Aug 2 21:22:23 BST 2007

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<snip>  Small dog and even smaller dog are not sure they want to be here for this birthday as they say they have enough trouble with their sister cats and it took quite a time for me to get them to behave. But anyway we are here to say Happy Birthday to Simba the feline owner of Rebecca Reid. Simba, we all hope that you had a great day full of good food and warm places to sleep and of course lots of cuddles and purrs.
    Small dog has taken it upon himself to do the pirouette sending the Tixie Dust on its way to you - but not too much as we know that it can cause sneezes.

Purplemama replies: 
Dear small dog and even smaller dog - Simba is a Chinese Crested dog so he loved your greetings. He weighs 13 pounds and yesterday was his12th birthday. That's 84 in human years! He's very dignified and sends a little restrained down stay in your direction as thanks. Simba is loving the warm 85 degree weather and hopes that it stays this sunny for a long time! I on the other hand wish it would stay in the 70's. Thank you very much to the ABT and canine companions. Rebecca aka Purplemama

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