[LMB] OT: Commentary on the bridge accident

PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at msn.com
Fri Aug 3 23:44:26 BST 2007

OH, my. Perhaps the commentor has made a series of other posts in the 
intervening time? I know some bloggers are far more prolific than others. 


The totem animals of Wall Street are the bull, the bear, the hog, and the 

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>"PAT MATHEWS" <mathews55 at msn.com>
>   posted two blog links under the above heading.
>   When I follow these, I get taken to a series of posts on other subjects 
>entirely, with nothing visible about bridges.  This is the usual result 
>when I follow this sort of link.
>   Does this happen to other people?  Any suggestions how to get round it?
>   Andrew
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