[LMB] Mention of Bujold on Penny Arcade's blog

Laura Gallagher celticdragonfly at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 01:04:54 BST 2007

Here's the link:


and the comic, about male librarians:

The relevant bit in the blog is:
"I spent some time talking to the Unshelved guys in the airport after
the convention, mostly about Lois McMaster Bujold and Gene Wolfe, who
are people I have very little opportunity to discuss in the space of a
day. When I meet a person who wants to discuss books at length, I'm
sure they can sense my desperation. They may even be able to smell it.
My first thought is to cripple them, so they can't escape."

Oh, I totally understand the feeling they're describing.  This is why
I'm a bookpusher - to CREATE people I can discuss books at length

Laura Gallagher

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