[LMB] (newsy chat) A New Bujold Interview

Nicholas Rosen ndrosen at erols.com
Sun Aug 5 23:06:03 BST 2007

LMB Herself directed us to the interview now up at
http://karenmiller.livejournal.com, where I read this:

"And the other was being writer guest at Balticon in 
June of 2004, when they were having the 17-year-
cicada outbreak. Big gaudy bewildered insects 
raining down from the sky like sleet... which triggered,
 at length, the notion of a fantasy war that constantly 
hatches anew, just like the real ones."

I was there!  I remember the insects (and Lois, and
James Parish, and Ginni-lee Berger, and Elizabeth 
Twitchell, and Jerrie Adkins, and so many others).

Oh, and the second half of the inerview is now up at
Ms. Miller's blog.  Get thee thither.

Nicholas D. Rosen

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