[LMB] OT: its a sign...

Katrina Knight kknight at fastmail.fm
Tue Aug 7 01:10:30 BST 2007

At 07:18 PM 8/6/2007 Tzivia Adler wrote:
>where is everyone?

My library notified me this morning that they had a copy of 
TSK:Legacy for me. Guess where I went this afternoon? Guess what 
I've been doing since I got home? And what I'm going to return 
to doing shortly? I am going to try hard not to stay up all 
night reading though.

>today i passed the cigarrete counter at the grocery, with its 
>sign, "we can't sell to you if you were born after this date in 

I can't think of any actual sign that really got my notice that 
way, but I do find those particular signs a little disconcerting 
at times. Even my college degree is old enough to smoke and 
drink. On the other hand, I still have people occasionally 
mistakenly think I'm young enough to be a student, so I can't 
complain too much. A couple years ago I had an odd, but kind of 
pleasing, conversation with a young man I met while visiting my 
sister on campus. (She's 20 years younger than me.) He was 
hitting on me a bit and rather insistent about not believing how 
old I was. I'm not sure he ever believed me.

>ziviya, hereby announcing that white hair is from genetics

My sister claims to have started getting gray hairs in high 
school. I have none. I wouldn't mind at all if my hair got 
silver-white streaks in it like my mother's hair did. It isn't 
happening though, and given that I'm way beyond when it started 
happening to her, I don't think it will happen. She has spent 
30-odd years trying to cover up the streaks that I think are so 

Katrina Knight
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