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Azalais Aranxta tiamat at tsoft.com
Tue Aug 7 01:29:35 BST 2007

On Mon, 6 Aug 2007, Tzivia Adler wrote:

> what signpost ever showed you that you were older/younger than you thought?

I was sitting in a Japanese restaurant with my ex humming along
with the muzak, and I realised that it was an Ozaki Yutaka song.
Ozaki Yutaka was a very rebellious singer of the 1980s and he
died young, thousands of people attended his funeral.  Sadly I
was unable to go.  But just the thought that they'd turned his
songs into muzak made me feel old and unhappy.  He would have
hated it so!

Oh how I loved Ozaki-sama.  Still do.  He died in the early 90s
and people claim sometimes that they see him in convenience
stores and other places, just like Elvis, and there are
conspiracy theories about his death, but sadly the evidence is
pretty clear that it was too much sex, drugs, rock and roll,
drugs, drinking and did I mention the drugs?


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