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Tue Aug 7 15:26:19 BST 2007

   "Tzivia Adler" wrote: (with my comments initialed and interspersed)

where is everyone?
     HMM: I've been tied up, hand and food, in a project close-out / getting up to speed on my next project. Looks like the 18-22 hour days are over for at least a few weeks, even with the travel.
i hereby present a new thread, for everyone who isn't busy with reallife 

what signpost ever showed you that you were older/younger than you thought?
     HMM: I got the invite for my 15th High School reunion last Friday. There was a comment in there, trying to get people to fill out a survey, with "How many people have kids who are almost old enough to drive?" (I don't, but the thought of it made me slightly ill)
today i passed the cigarrete counter at the grocery, with its sign, "we 
can't sell to you if you were born after this date in 1989"

and i thought, good grief, my high school diploma is old enough to smoke! 
i'm not that old!
       HMM: Luckily, my diploma is still in the "I hate my parents and I'm never going to college" rebellion stage.

ziviya, hereby announcing that white hair is from genetics 

     HMM: I started going white in High School, as well. Last year, it was decided that I had about 5xs more white hair than my mother did. However, I'd rather get the "go white" gene than the "lose your hair" gene :)
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