[LMB] OT: book recommendation

catherine muir c_muir68 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 7 18:58:30 BST 2007

Just in case anyone doesn't have enough to read! - can I recommend the Gil 
Cunningham books by Pat McIntosh?  There are 4 so far - the first is The 
Harper's Quine and two of the others (in no particular order) are The 
Nicholas Feast and St Mungo's Robin.  Whodunnits set in Glasgow in the late 
15th century, a couple of decades before the Reformation hit, with good 
research and characterisation.  They do have ongoing plot threads, so should 
be read in order.

I bought the first one as part of a "3 for 2" package then spent the next 
fortnight howking the other 3 out of the local libraries and devouring them.

Sorry, I don't think any of them are translated as yet.

On an "If You Like....." basis -

If you like Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael books because you can walk round 
Shrewsbury using them as a guidebook, then you should like these.   They are 
not as sweet as the later Cadfael books,  and have a fair bit of 
socio-political bite to them;   the layering of clue on clue is fairly done 
(red herrings included).  If I were classifying them for film, I'd say a 12A 
with the occasional 15 scene.

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