[LMB] OT: its a sign...

Stewart Dean sdean7855 at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 8 00:00:59 BST 2007

What isn't a signpost
of being older/younger
than you thought?

I would make this
blank verse
but it'd
take too much room......

The signs begin with the eager milestones of teenagers and young adults, 
when the world riots with potential and achievements, and they're 
accompanied with casts (high school, then college classmates) and 
trumpets flourishing.  There are years of rich experience. and the young 
greedily stuff their lives like kids with candy at Halloween.  Young and 
not-so-young adulthood hit us with relationships and mortgages and jobs 
and careers and CHILDREN
And then they are growing and
seeming overnight the child in diapers
is anxious with the driving license test
and you are realize the baton is passing in this relay race

And your better half says, "I want one last baby"
and you say, "are you nuts"
and you have one last baby
and the week after you turn 60, he is taking his driver's license test

And the signs are flying by like telephone poles beside a railroad car...
too fast to count and much less enumerate
or mull over...........
you would swear you have a rocket strapped to your ass.

Oh yes, there are signs.

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