[LMB] TSK #4 Now in wrap up.

Patrick Vera iiradned at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 9 07:58:25 BST 2007

Posted in Baen's Bar:

I've come to the end of the action climax of #4, and now face a very complex
wrap of currently-unknown length. But I've set it aside to do the final edit 
on #3,
in which I've been head-down for the past week. I hope to have that wrapped
up and off to my editor next week, at which point I can relax a little. I'm 
lightening up my to-do queue by knocking out the biggest blocks will let the
creative parts flow again.

Final edit is not creative. Final edit consists of second-guessing oneself 
over smaller
and smaller points of prose till one's eyes fall out. And those last 
delicate revisions,
which at this stage are like swapping out single cards from the 
layer in an eight-layer house of cards.

Ta, L.

Patrick Vera
Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet
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