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Just out of curiousity, why does this listserve put question marks in my posts?? It's the only place I've noticed it.

Rilla -- No, I am not intentionally overpunctuating my posts.

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 Long ago, in my Mother's time and before, a pregnancy test consisted of 
injecting a rabbit with blood from the possible pregnant woman.? The rabbit was 
then killed a couple of days later and the ovaries examined.? If the eggs had 
reacted, then "The rabbit died" and the woman was pregnant.? For some reason, if 
the ovaries didn't react and there was no pregnancy, the rabbits demise was not 
recorded.? **shrug**? I remember my father teasing a friends wife about the 
rabbit dying when I was a pre teen.

There is an episode of M*A*S*H where Hot Lips thinks she might be pregnant, but 
doesn't want to loose her commission.? The borrow Radar's rabbit, Fluffy, but 
only remove the ovaries without killing her.? The final "kicker" scene is Radar 
teller her she can now safely co-habitat with the male bunny.

Ain't pee sticks grand? 



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