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> --- Katherine Collett <kcollett at hamilton.edu> wrote:
> As one of the younger members of Generation X (who
> were born 1961-1980) born to older members of the Baby
> Boomers (1945-1960), my impression has not been that
> the BBs have resisted adulthood as much as they have
> resisted *age*.
> Even now, my parents (in their sixties) strenuously
> resist any hint, suggestion or implication that they
> might, possibly, for some reason, be considered
> 'senior citizens' or 'elderly'.  They will concede
> 'older'.  As will their contemporaries of my
> acquaintance.

My father used to complain about the "old f--ts" driving on the road in 
Florida, in his late 80s and into his 90s ... when he was OLDER than a lot 
of them!

"I don't remember growing older, when did they?" -- from Fiddler on the 

It's true for every generation.

Some people start saying, "I'm -old- somewhere in their 80s or beyond...

> But do not, under any circumstances, for any reason,
> breathe a hint to any of them that they might be
> getting... (whispers) *old*.  Not if you don't want an
> explosion that makes an Olympic Opening Cermony's
> fireworks display look like a lone birthday cake
> candle.
>> Or is it just that everyone looks more grown up from
>> the outside than   from the inside?
> Almost certainly that's a big part of it, yes.

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